Best in Biz Awards EMEA

Best in Biz Awards EMEA is an awards program focusing on the Europe, Middle East or Africa (EMEA) region. Companies from any industry based in or operating in the region are eligible to enter. Companies with headquarters outside of the EMEA region, but that have offices and conduct business in the region are also encouraged to take part in the program. Eligible companies may enter one or more of the more than 50 company, department / team, executive and product award categories.

Please note that after a fantastic three years of EMEA programs, the EMEA program will not be offered in 2017. Instead, all companies worldwide are eligible to enter our 5th annual, 2017 International program, which is accepting entries through the final deadline on April 28, 2017.


Best in Biz Awards EMEA is judged by members of the press and industry analysts. Having researched and covered numerous successful companies, products, and dynamic business personalities, these judges are uniquely qualified to objectively evaluate and score the competition to choose the top companies, teams, executives, and products from among the submissions in each category. Read more about the 2014 EMEA judging panel, 2013 EMEA judging panel and 2012 EMEA judging panel.

2014 EMEA winners

Close to 100 entries were received in the 2014 awards program, from an impressive array of public and private companies representing 25 countries and a variety of industries and sectors. Best in Biz Awards 2014 EMEA winners included AirWatch (UK), APTelecom (France and UK), Arkadin (France), Arvento (Turkey), Aternity (US and Israel), Canary (US), Druva (UK), HRsmart (UK), INSOFT Development & Consulting (Romania), Radius (US), SeneCura (Austria), SIVECO (Romania), Sonus Networks (UK and Czech Republic), TelecityGroup (UK), Telerik (UK, Germany and Bulgaria), Teletrac (UK) and Türk Ekonomi Bankası (Turkey).

2013 EMEA winners

Best in Biz Awards 2013 EMEA winners included ACE Enterprise (Slovakia), AirWatch (UK), Arkadin (France), Arvento (Turkey), Conduit (Israel), HUGE (UK), IQNavigator (UK), Netwatch (Ireland), Ruckus Wireless (UK and Poland), Secunia (Denmark), Taptu (UK), Telerik (UK, Germany and Bulgaria), Wonga (UK and South Africa) and Xero (UK).

2012 EMEA winners

An impressive array of public and private companies representing all sectors of the economy from over 20 countries entered to compete in the inaugural EMEA awards program. Best in Biz Awards 2012 EMEA award winners included Akbank (Turkey), Aternity (Israel and US), Dubai Cares (United Arab Emirates), EBSCO Publishing (UK and US), HansaWorld (UK), Improve Digital (Netherlands), InZalo Communications (South Africa), IQNavigator (UK and US), Marketo (Ireland and US), MAQUET (Germany), Metalogix (Slovakia, UK and US), PGi (Ireland), P2i (UK), SECU4 (Switzerland), SIVECO (Romania) and VirtuOz (France and US).


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