2014 EMEA winners’ news

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APTelecom Wins Silver Award for Best in Biz 2014 EMEA Fastest-Growing Company

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“Being recognized as the silver winner of the Best in Biz Awards 2014 EMEA ‘Fastest-Growing Companies’ is a testament to APTelecom’s commitment to providing clients with first-class customer service, deep industry expertise, and added value as they growth their businesses,” said Sandor J. Weiss, CEO of Milner Weiss, and APTelecom Board Member and Private Equity Investor.

Arkadin Is Double Winner in ‘Best in Biz EMEA Awards’ for Fastest Growth and Company of the Year

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“We’re thrilled to be recognized for our strong performance, especially when judged among many highly regarded organizations,” says Christophe Reyes, Arkadin’s Managing Director, Europe, the Middle East and Africa. “Our growth will be sustained by equipping our customers with the highest quality collaboration and UC services, paired with exceptional customer service at the local level.”

Aternity® Mobile Application Performance Management Wins Gold Best in Biz EMEA

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“We are honored by the ongoing recognition as ‘Product of the Year’ by Best in Biz Awards,” said Trevor Matz, president and CEO of Aternity. “The typical corporate employee uses mobile devices for more than an hour a day, yet half of all enterprises are not equipped yet to manage their mobile apps and devices. Aternity is committed to delivering the transformative capabilities that app development, IT Ops, and line of business teams need to measure, manage, and improve mobile workforce productivity.”

Druva inSync Takes Gold for Enterprise Product of the Year

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“Most organizations have no control over endpoint data despite the fact that nearly 30% of corporate information now resides only on employee desktops, laptops and mobile devices. That puts companies at high risk for data loss, compliance violations and other issues that can cause serious business damage,” said Jaspreet Singh, Druva founder and CEO. “This award stems directly from the ability of our inSync platform to mitigate those risks efficiently, cost-effectively and with extended functionality that goes far beyond backup.”

HRsmart Wins Gold in Best in Biz Award 2014 EMEA

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“This is a great achievement that not only showcases HRsmart’s continuous pursuit for excellence but highlights our global presence,” says Mark Hamdan, CEO of HRsmart. “We are very excited to be a winner of the Best in Biz Award, and look forward to HRsmart’s continual growth and success in the international arena.”

Teletrac Wins Gold in Most Innovative Company of the Year Category in Best in Biz Awards 2014 EMEA

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“We are truly honored to be recognized by so many prominent members of the international business and technology industries,” said Drew Hamilton, Executive Vice President, Teletrac Inc. “It has been another big year for Teletrac and as we continue our growth and innovation, we take pride in the acknowledgment of our dedication in creating products that help businesses become more successful.”

Winners Announced in Best in Biz Awards 2014 EMEA

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“Close to 100 entries were received in this year’s awards program, from an impressive array of public and private companies representing more than 25 countries and a variety of industries and sectors. Award winners in this year’s contest include: AirWatch (UK), APTelecom (France and UK), Arkadin (France), Arvento (Turkey), Aternity (US and Israel), Canary (US), Druva (UK), HRsmart (UK), INSOFT Development & Consulting (Romania), Radius (US), SeneCura (Austria), SIVECO (Romania), Sonus Networks (UK and Czech Republic), TelecityGroup (UK), Telerik (UK, Germany and Bulgaria), Teletrac (UK) and Türk Ekonomi Bankası (Turkey). “

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