Please note that after a fantastic three years of EMEA programs, the EMEA program will not be offered in 2017. Instead, all companies worldwide are eligible to enter our 5th annual, 2017 International program, which is accepting entries through the final deadline on April 28, 2017.

The fees in Best in Biz Awards 2017 International vary depending on the submission date and are as follows:

Early entry fees, by January 20, 2017 (11:59pm PST)

$250 per submission

Regular entry fees, by March 10, 2017 (11:59pm PST)

$300 per submission

Late entry fees, by April 28, 2017 (11:59pm PST)

$350 per submission

Companies may submit any number of entries to any of the categories in any of Best in Biz Awards programs. This includes submitting different entries in different categories, as well as submitting the same entry in multiple categories. When appropriate, the same entry may be submitted in multiple categories, with the fees due for each category entered. Since each entry is judged separately in each category it is submitted in, entries submitted in multiple categories are eligible to win multiple awards.

Quantity discount:

Companies submitting 5 or more entries are eligible for a 10% discount on their submission fee total, with additional discounts available for companies submitting more than 10 entries.

There is no limit on the number of entries a company may submit in Best in Biz Awards 2017 International and multiple submissions are encouraged.

Methods of payment:

American Express, Mastercard, Visa and Paypal are accepted methods of payment in the online entry system. Additionally, if you prefer to pay by check, bank transfer, or Google Wallet, please contact us for detailed payment instructions.

Please feel free to email Best in Biz Awards for any additional information.